“Today in evangelicalism where many are finding it easy to compromise the basic tenets of the Christian faith and the true gospel is under attack even from some who hold lofty positions within evangelical circles, John MacArthur must be commended for presenting a comprehensive, biblically sound book that vindicates the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a must-read for all those. serious Christians, who understand that the authentic gospel is central to the building of the kingdom of God. This book is also loaded with biblical evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ is both Lord and Savior and true salvation hinges on the acceptance of this.”

“This book clearly explains the gospel, as taught and lived by Jesus. I have read it several times, and given many copies to friends. It’s easy to read and understand. If you want to better understand the gospel, and be better equipped to share the good news, this book is for you.”

“The most amazing, informative book on the gospel I have ever read. Thank you so much as I have often question my salvation when I would sin, even tho I would confess and repent.”

The Gospel According to Jesus


The Gospel According to Jesus

by John MacArthur

What is authentic faith?

The Gospel According to Jesus challenges Christians to re-evaluate their commitment to Christ by examining their fruits.

Conversion is more than a mere point in time, it includes a lifetime of obedience.

Tackle the error of “easy-believism” by addressing these questions:

  • Is it possible to accept Jesus as Savior while refusing him as Lord?
  • Can someone truly believe without actually repenting?
  • How do obedience, commitment to Christ, and turning from sin fit together with the truth that we are saved by grace through faith alone?

The Gospel According to Jesus is a Scripture-based clarion call for a rejection of the watered-down message that has gained popularity in the church and a return to the Gospel Jesus preached.

This book is compulsory reading for Christians from all walks of life and will help guide you into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.