“Great biblical guide to dealing with stress! I highly recommend this book for anyone dealing with anxiety or stress.”

“I highly recommend this book as it provides sound counsel and lots of biblical references. It is a book to have and refer to.”

Doug L:
“I was hit with sudden and panic attack style anxiety within a short amount of time and it seemed my peace was stolen, this book does great to point you back to the only begotten Son of God known through sacred scripture and the Holy Spirit and reminds you a great and loving God has you eternally in his hands. I did enjoy the style of writing as it keeps a touch of humor while glorifying our Great God and Savior. And yes, I have found a great amount of relief of my anxiety in putting my focus off myself and squarely on the author of my salvation. A humble thank you to the author for the refocus.”

Kindle Customer:
“Todd Friel writes a comprehensive and truthful destroyer of anxiety. I’m on my way to tackling other spiritual battles with my Bible. Thank u Todd.”

Amazon Customer:
“This is the best resource I have ever read about stress. If you want to get PRACTICAL advice on how to get free from stress and anxiety, you must get this book. After I read it, my coworkers could visibly see a change in me. At the end of the year, I received a reward from my boss for being the calmest employee under pressure. Me…the worry wart…got that reward. Either, something changed in me or I was faking. But trust me, I wasn’t faking!!!! This book is a must have on anyone’s book shelf.”

“If you struggle with anxiety, do yourself a favor and read this book. Anxiety is something I’ve been struggling with for many years, and this book has helped me tremendously. Highly recommend.”

Nathan Pickowicz:
“I struggled with anxiety for years. This book is spot-on in its diagnosis. Todd’s solutions are biblical. His tone is pastoral. If you’re battling anxiety, this book is for you.”

Stressed Out


Stressed Out

You are definitely not the only person on the planet to wrestle with anxious feelings. Billions upon billions of people battle garden-variety stress and anxiety every day.

Jesus Christ is a sympathetic High Priest who understands us, and He knows we are prone to worry. He is so thoughtful and kind that His last sermon to the disciples was dedicated to the subject of anxiety.

Discover 12 anxiety relievers from Jesus Christ that will get to the root of your anxiety problem and give you the tools you need to replace your anxious thoughts with joy.

Stressed Out: A Practical, Biblical Approach to Anxiety isn’t like most Christian self-help books that promise to fix your “stinkin’ thinkin.’”

You will not be:

  • Regaled with stories of fellow nail-biters who struggle with anxiety.
  • Told to imagine puppy dogs and rainbows when you start feeling nervous.
  • Encouraged to simply exchange negative thoughts for positive thoughts.

God’s Word will not only fix your anxiety, it will literally change you into the person that God created you to be.