“Awesome! Life changing! Convicting! Eye opening! So grateful for the teaching and now willing for the Holy Spirit to do His work in my heart and life to mortify selfishness!”

“Biblical counselor Lou Priolo believes that selfishness is the mother of all sins. And taking a look at Scripture and my life, I believe him to be right. He begins his booklet by describing selfishness and then offers suggestions for overcoming selfishness. He draws a number of choice quotations from Richard Baxter’s works but uses even more Scripture to back up his claims and pastoral advice. This booklet has helped me see areas of self-love, disregard for God’s Word, and how I fail to love others. I hope to use put into practice the advice he gives and use this booklet as I counsel others.”



Selfishness, From Loving Yourself to Loving Your Neighbor

by Lou Priolo

There are few people more full of love than someone who is completely selfish. The problem is, all of this love is directed inward, and none of it reaches out! Selfishness, Lou Priolo asserts, is “the mother of all sins.” When you love yourself more than others…