Beneficial across multiple needs
“The beauty of this booklet is that the principles apply to all sorts of compulsive, escapist, self-destructive behavior—yet is acutely attuned to the specific needs of those struggling with cutting. You will be blessed by this booklet.”

Relief Without Cutting


Relief without Cutting: Taking Your Negative Feelings to God

by Amy Baker

People handle the hard things in life in all different ways.

What do you do when you get upset? Cry? Blow-up? Get depressed?

Or perhaps, no one notices when you’re upset because you find a quiet place and cut yourself. You’re looking for relief, but is this the respite you really want?

There is a better way to manage your negative emotions.

Instead of cutting–the never-ending cycle of hiding and going deeper and deeper–you can go to Jesus with all of your troubles.

You are precious to Him. So precious that He shed His blood for you! His power is big enough to fill you with peace and liberate you from cutting.