“This is a book I bought for someone else only to find it spoke volumes to my own heart. It explains how to Biblically deal with our past instead of either pretending we don’t have a past or pretending it isn’t important. God gave us the abililty to remember for a reason. It is time we learned how to deal with those memories. I would recommend it to every Christian whether you think you need it or not..”

“This is an extremely user-friendly book on the subject of Biblically dealing with one’s past. While I, personally, had no ‘issues’ of the past with which I had to deal, I found it so potentially valuable for those who do that I bought an additional three copies and gave them to men friends who have expressed past problems of their respective pasts that yet need to be Scripturally handled. Obviously, I HIGHLY recommend this book.”

Putting Your Past in Its Place


Putting Your Past in Its Place: Moving Forward in Freedom and Forgiveness

by Stephen Viars

Lives grind to a halt when people don’t know how to relate to their past. In Putting Your Past in Its Place Pastor and biblical counselor Stephen Viars provides practical measures on understanding the important place “the past” is given in Scripture and how to replace guilt and despair with forgiveness and hope.