“The first chapter was easily the best thing I have ever read on what the Scriptures teach about the heart. The book is seriously worth buying for that chapter alone. I would recommend this book for those not only struggling with sexual sin but any sin in general. Dr. John Street leads the reader through the whole process of change and consistently points back to Christ as the source of hope and change – not moralism.”

“Dr. Street has delivered a masterful work that accurately handles God’s word and brings it to bear upon the issues facing so many people today. Having had some experience counseling young men who struggle with pornography’s captivity, I can say that few books are as helpful or needed as Passions of the Heart. Dr. Street digs deep into the issues that are at the root of human sin problems and he shows, by sound biblical reasoning, how to go about finding freedom through Christ’s power.

This book is not another discourse on the latest psychological method meant to sate someone’s bad feelings over their choices. Rather, this book exposes the human heart and the issues we all hide within ourselves. It poignantly exposes the deepest sin problems of the human heart. But it does not leave us there, it shows, through Scripture and years of experience, the means to true freedom from the inner passions of the heart.”

Passions of the Heart


Passions of the Heart: Biblical Counsel for Stubborn Sexual Sins

by John D. Street

Honest self-assessment is hard.  Even Christians trust their hearts more than they should.

And when the heart is filled with unexpressed rage (“I will have my own way”), unrestrained sensuality (“I will indulge myself regardless of the sin involved”), or unabated pride (“I deserve whatever my heart desires”), sexual fantasy all too easily leads to acts that were previously unimaginable.

Biblical counselor, John Street, takes a look at the passions of the heart: the underlying idolatries that lead Christians to commit egregious sexual sins and shows that there is hope.

These passions can be identified and resisted—and they can be forgiven, even if acted on.

Jesus not only forgives the repentant sinner, but also restores, giving men and women abundant grace and strength to say no to the fleshly desires and humbly live for him.

A life enslaved in sexual sin can become a life lived to the honor and glory of God.