“This is an excellent book. Very readable, easy to understand, and practical tips on how to apply the content. Well researched with many footnotes documenting scripture and research. I highly recommend it.”

“This is an easy read book, but it is based on biblical principles. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to learn and improve in finances. Our pastor recommended and I’m glad I bought it.”

Money, Debt, and Finances


Money, Debt, and Finances: Critical Questions and Answers

by Jim Newheiser

Many books, programs, and nancial gurus will tell you what to do with your money, but God’s Word is the ultimate source of financial wisdom. First and foremost, it gives us our goal as Christians-not to be debt-free or to get rich but to glorify God in all things. All other financial principles in Scripture flow out of this high calling.

In an accessible Q&A format, biblical counselor and former financial consultant Jim Newheiser presents financial widom that is grounded in faithful biblical exegesis and rooted in sound theology. What are common misunderstandings about money? How can you create and balance a budget? How can you get out of debt? What insurance do you need? He answers these questions and more, providing a go-to resource for laypeople and those who counsel them.