“I have 3 things to say about this book.

First – and this surprised me – it neither sounds like it’s written from a counselor nor takes a therapeutic point of view. This book anchors in Scripture, and has a hopeful, Christ-centered perspective on loneliness.

Second, the author has deep conviction that loneliness creates an opportunity for a faith-filled believer to draw closer to God.

Third, the Holy Spirit is ever-present in a Christian’s life and ready to comfort, encourage, strengthen, etc.

You should read this book, it’s 64 pages worth your time.”

Loneliness: Connecting with God and Others


Loneliness: Connecting with God and Others

by Lou Priolo

Lonely? You’re Not Alone.

In a fractured and disconnected world, loneliness is a struggle for many. Writing with encouragement and understanding, biblical counselor Lou Priolo shows you how to deepen your communion with God and take concrete, workable steps to enjoy deeper relationships with the people around you. Loneliness may be painful-but it doesn’t have to be permanent.