“I enjoyed the practical application of how we ought to view God in the midst of trials. I enjoyed the application questions as well, especially for somebody who is going through a trial”

“Clear, concise, direct, focussed text, dealing with our misunderstandings of who God is, and how we need to think differently about how everything works based on who God is. An excellent read. A must-read for everyone who claims to be a Christian.”

“This is a great book to help in biblical counseling! It helps the reader to see God for who He really is. Some of the discussion questions at the end weren’t as helpful as others. LOVED chapter 8! Great way to see how this book can be put in practice in your life.”

“It’s Not Fair!”


It’s Not Fair! Finding Hope When Times Are Tough

by Wayne A. Mack, Deborah Howard

When people complain about their lot in life, thinking God is not treating them as He should, they need to read It’s Not Fair!

It’s Not Fair! comes alongside each person where they are, and moves them to a place where they can finally rest in God’s attributes of omniscience, omnipotence, love, and justice through the use of sound biblical encouragement.