“I don’t know what I was expecting when I started reading this for a book club, but it has turned out to be much better. It is practical and easy to read. It is useful for all personal relationships and friendships (think parent/child, husband/wife), in addition to the semi-formal “counseling” relationship it directly addresses.”

“I’ve read this book three times and gone through it in two different Bible studies and am still amazed at how much I glean from it whenever I turn a page. Tripp is incredible at showing how we’re all people in need of change…able to help people in need of change (which is the subtitle of the book). These concepts have helped me at work and with friends, but – most importantly – with my family members. If you have a fear of confrontation or tend to stuff feelings or maybe get too “in their face” when sharing frustrations with another person, then you will be so thankful to have Tripp’s godly wisdom and insight to help redirect how you approach people…and you’ll learn to see them and love them through God’s eyes, as well.”

Instruments in the Redeemer‘s Hands


Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands

by Paul David Tripp

In many ways, the church today has more consumers than committed participants.

We see church merely as an event we attend or an organization we belong to, rather than as a calling that shapes our entire life.

Gods plan is that through the faithful ministry of every part, the whole body will grow to maturity in Christ.

Tripp explains how his work follows an “all of my people, all of the time” model. If you followed the Lord for a thousand years, you would still need the ministry of the body of Christ as much as you did the day you first believed. This need will remain until our sanctification is complete in Glory.

This is a comprehensive treatment of how God uses people as tools of change in the lives of others, people who themselves are in need of change.