“For those that have or are going through PT or PTSD I would recommend this book. As a first responder for 42 years I found this book to “hit the nail on the head.” Dr. Gifford gives a through outline that there is “hope” and demonstrates its location. You are not alone in the vision of what PTSD looks like.”

“Dr. Gifford did an outstanding job of applying biblical truth to the complexities of PTSD and has outlined compassionate, clear ways to help PTSD suffers within the context of God’s family.”

Helping Your Family Through Ptsd


Helping Your Family Through Ptsd

by Greg E. Gifford

Post-traumatic stress disorder is everywhere. It is increasing in regards to those who are being diagnosed with PTSD and those whom are ministering to ones with PTSD. The good news is that God speaks into the complexities of PTSD through Scripture and helps us orient ourselves and our families towards his purposes in PTSD. As you will see, God offers us perspective on how we should view PTSD and the trauma that started it all.