“Thought this book had a good perspective on food and how the Lord would see it. Just makes you think of your eating habits. Are you eating for nutrition or for fun?”

“Small but powerful. If you’re struggling with food addiction or weightless this is a great tool to overcome this! I’m in the process. It is very insightful.”

Help! I’m a Slave to Food


Help! I’m a Slave to Food

by Shannon Kay McCoy

Living in a world gone wrong, people face many issues, including the importance of self-discipline in the matter of diet and exercise. Here is biblical counsel at a practical level. Overeating is a silent, subtle, even respectable sin – but it hinders the spiritual growth and effectiveness of many, including Christians. Perhaps you struggle with it too. If so, this mini-book can help you not as a diet plan, but as a compass directing you to the heart of the problem and to the only solution: Jesus, the One who can bring you out of slavery into freedom.