“This is a perfect book to understand the connection between the theological and practical.
Dr. Gifford, with his understanding of the dynamic nature of the heart and life, shows the connectedness between our heart and habits.This book is a must read.”

“This was such an encouraging and inspirational book! Greg Gifford gets straight to the heart and gives a solid, biblical approach to developing God-honoring habits. He backs up each point with Scripture and helps the reader understand how all habits (whether good or bad) stem from the heart. This book helped me to dig deeper into the importance of habits, reflect on my heart’s desires, and take steps toward developing habits for God’s glory.

I especially love the practical approach toward the end of the book. Dr. Gifford provides spheres of habits to help prioritize areas of life. He also includes a personal inventory to prayerfully reflect on your heart and take steps toward growth. I highly recommend this book!”

Heart and Habits


Heart & Habits: How We Change for Good

by Greg E. Gifford

We know that our habits matter, in part, because God commands us to develop certain habits out of a heart that wants to please Him.

But do you know how your heart influences your habits and how your habits influence your heart?

Heart & Habits will teach you what the Bible says about your habits and how God uses your habits to help you change for good.

Let the principles learned in this book help you to get the balance of heart and habits right, so you can experience lasting change—change for good.