“I really enjoyed this booklet – especially the on how believers are to steward our faith. The comparison chart on being faithful in Scripture was very convicting.”

“If you don’t read any other book this year, READ THIS ONE. It is short, but so very good. I really appreciated the parallels drawn between the unfaithful and the faithful. It was convicting, inspiring, and has given me much to think on”

Faithfulness: No More Excuses


Faithfulness: No More Excuses

by Lou Priolo

Faithfulness is one of the most important qualities necessary for Christian service.

God’s people are God’s stewards, and so we are accountable to Him.

Recognizing our responsibility to be faithful is an important step in the Christian journey: embracing this truth can lead to profound Christian ministry.

Are you faithful? There are some simple, and perhaps surprising, ways to find out.

Biblical counselor Lou Priolo defines faithfulness and provides three tests for assessing your trustworthiness.

Through instruction and straightforward exercises, Priolo helps you to turn from fear and excuses and embrace your God-given responsibilities.

As you are faithful in little things, God will give you increasing opportunities to be faithful with much, much more.