“An eye opening view on our struggles with food. reaching a balance, understanding someone with food struggles, or searching for a place of real victory, read this!”

“Good book! Give a some guidance how to over came eating disorders and give also “. Root problem “ of eating disorders.”

Eating Disorders: The Quest for Thinness


Eating Disorders: The Quest for Thinness

What started as an innocent diet has turned into a monster.

You eat too little. You eat too much. You restrict. You binge.

Some days you wish you could just forget about food. Can you ever learn to eat normally?

Edward T. Welch describes how easy it is, in a weight-conscious world that also uses food for comfort, to take the small steps that lead to a full-blown eating disorder.

The way out is by understanding the thoughts and emotions that trigger your eating habits, and then taking the big step of trusting God, instead of your food rules and rituals.