“I’m using this book for a Bible study for young ladies — Jr/Sr High girls. This has been very practical. Some examples are maybe ones that not all of us can relate to, but the principle is the same. The issues/verses in this book are very practical and relevant to all ages in all situations.”

“Martha Peace is a wonderful counselor for women. Damsels in Distress points out common tendencies women have and revealing weaknesses that make us spiritually vulnerable. Being very understanding, she addresses how we are to deal with each type of problem.”

Damsels in the Distress


Damsels in the Distress: Biblical Solutions For Problems Women Face

by Martha Peace

Damsels in Distress clearly reveals God’s principles for dealing with the common problems women face – first with others, then with themselves. Through its pages you will be stimulated to honestly analyze the problems through the grid of Scripture and then formulate practical applications that bring glory to God. Covering issues from gossip and slander to PMS and legalism, this book’s format is suitable for either personal reading or group study.