“I was so glad to see this book published because it is a great summary and “bird’s eye view” of just how different Biblical counseling is from commonly accepted counseling.

This book confidently explains why the Bible is our only infallible source of truth, completely sufficient for every trouble we have. The contributors have an absolutely firm stand on how Jesus’s behavior is to be our example in all things. I never understood how the entire Bible was exemplified in Jesus’s life until I listened to these teachers. My life is definitely not the same as when I first walked into that church almost 30 years ago…”


“Anyone who is a Christ-follower and a member of a church should read this very helpful and informative book about Biblical counseling. This book is not only for professional counselors, but it is a necessary resource for the lay people in churches who may be called on to guide other Christians through life situations and struggles. Each chapter provides very practical insight on many different subjects, and there are a lot of examples given using real people going through real problems. The main point of the book is that the Bible has all we need to navigate life on earth, but many people don’t turn to the Bible, either because they don’t know where to begin, or they think it is outdated and non-relevant to current times. However, the authors show how to make the Bible relevant for everything in life, whether you are a pastor, or a professional, or a lay counselor. I am glad to add this book to my library.”

Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling


Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling: Changing Lives with God’s Changeless Truth

By Bob Kellemen and Steve Viars

Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling is a comprehensive resource that will help you understand how to minister from God’s truth to change lives.

With the cumulative wisdom of almost 40 contributors with exceptional credentials and experience, you’ll discover a valuable model for counseling that explains:

The Why of Biblical Counseling

  • Why the Bible is sufficient and relevant for addressing every issue we face.
  • Why biblical counseling is so effective in helping people face life’s struggles in Christ’s strength.

The How of Biblical Counseling

  • How you can lead struggling, hurting people to the hope and strength available only in Christ.
  • How to counsel in a way that is Christ-centered and God-glorifying.

Every chapter provides a wonderful blend of theological wisdom and practical expertise, and is written to be accessible to everyone who wishes to extend Christ’s love to others—pastors, church leaders, counseling practitioners, instructors, lay people, and students.