“This seems to be a great series to walk through with members of your church. The applications at the end of each day are practical and gospel-centered.”

“Extremely well written. Helpful for anyone suffering from an addiction. But you don’t have to suffer from an addiction to enjoy this book. The 31 day devotional is applicable to anyone at any stage of life. Highly recommended.”

Addictive Habits: Changing for Good


Addictive Habits: Changing for Good

by David R. Dunham

It begins with a choice . . . but soon, that choice overpowers and traps you.

You both love and hate your habit, and it begins to define you.

Addiction is a blend of choice and enslavement—but change is possible through God and His Word.

These daily devotionals remind us of God’s truth and help us apply it to our lives, addressing our responsibility for addiction, our relationship with the God who can free us, and techniques for first restructuring our lives and then remaining faithful long-term.

In this 31 day devotional, biblical counselors and Bible teachers guide you through Scripture passages that speak to specific situations or struggles, helping you to apply God’s Word to your life in practical ways day after day.